About the artist

Molly Magai’s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including Denise Bibro Fine Art and ABC No Rio in New York City; Ellsworth Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, Massachusetts; the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, Vermont; Collar Works in Troy, New York; and Studio E Gallery and Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle, Washington. She received a BA in painting and drawing from Bennington College and attended the State University of New York’s Studio Program at Empire State College in New York City.

I make paintings of landscapes dominated by cities, roads, industry, and the living things that inhabit them. These structures, created for human convenience, are very much in conflict with nature. They are also an awe-inspiring human accomplishment, the work of generations of builders and engineers. Most of us ignore these landscapes as we pass by them. My job as a genre painter is to make you see them, in their destructiveness and their beauty.

My paintings depicting scenes on or from the road are based on photographs that I take from a moving vehicle. Handicapped by the car’s movement, the camera creates inadvertent effects, such as unexpected colors, halos, and blurs. Used in the paintings, these effects help capture a feeling of speed, and add a sense of unreality.

- Molly Magai

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"Magai" is pronounced to rhyme with "why," with the accent on the second syllable: "muh‑GY."